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    Hip-hop is not only about music. Hip-hop is around dance, art, expression, pain, love, racism, sexism, broken families, hard times, overcoming adversity as well as the search for God. It's a culture, a way of life, a language, a fashion, a collection of values, along with a unique perspective. Hip-hop is about wanting to live the American dream from the bottom up.

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    Music has always played a key role in shaping minds and attitudes. Rap music sheds light on contemporary politics, background race. The social influence rap music dons the hiphop cultural movement includes activities of dancing, associated slang, fashion and other elements. Reggae music encompasses the written word, visual art, dance and rhythmic style with intricate beats. Music doesn't have any boundaries with out limits; anything worthy must be available through music, especially spirituality and religion. A big affect on the hiphop identity is its redeeming music.

    Culture could be the product of the current reality. The identity of an culture is done through the work and considered people. It's the expression of a class or element of a certain class and it is reflective of the certain period. The allure of Hip Hop culture as an organizing mechanism has arisen primarily because there's no existing political apparatus that adequately addresses the requirements of young adults and/or poor and dealing class communities; within a political vacuum. Culture, as a general matter, cuts for the core of how people articulate their beliefs, values and customs. Rap culture is easily the most visible and vocal representative entity of the company's own identity.

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